We connect brands with customers through design & strategy.

who we are

We're a brand development studio helping entrepreneurs grow online.

Alton Peques - CEO at peques + company.
led by
Alton Peques
Brand Designer & Strategist
Brand Strategist, BBDO San Francisco
Research Fellow, Northwestern University
JuNE 2020 - AUGUST 2021

what we offer

Giving shape to your idea,
product and brand.

Brand Design

Shape your brand's unique voice and visual identity with our brand design service.

Website Design

Build a foundation for your business online and sell products with our website design service.

Digital Marketing

Market your business online with promotional flyers, social media ads and email marketing.

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Branding Tips

Brand Inspiration

Trusted by biggest brands

An award-winning studio

We worked with the world’s biggest brands and the most innovative startups.

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