The Daily Dose with E

The Daily Dose with E is an inspirational online space for healthcare professionals to connect.

Building a branding identity for an inspirational online community.




Branding Identity Guidelines
Social Media Branding

Brand Identity

We partnered with Bryant Parroquin, a talented graphic designer and illustrator for this project. Bryant developed The Daily Dose with E's signature illustration featuring the founder Elarnta Darden.

We complimented the illustration with a primary logo, typography, icons, and color palette. The brand identity guidelines has assisted the brand in showing up consistently across multiple social media campaigns.

Social Media Branding

We designed a core set of social media templates for the brand to create their own social media content. The templates were optimized for Instagram using Canva. This makes the process of creating new content a seamless experience.
We incorporated the brand's new typography, icons and colors. Each template is unique which gives the brand multiple options to create fresh content for their audience.

Results & Deliverables


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Social Media Branding
Canva Templates

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